how to move a point feature?

06-12-2020 06:08 PM
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I am using ArcMap and trying to move a point feature but cannot, so how can I have the "move" option enabled?  

the feature has attributed such vales from other layers and coordinates too, would that change depending on where I change it in the map? should I create an altogether new feature ( I am trying to avoid that since I need to move 1 point out of 100s)?

thank you in advance for any suggestions and help! 

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Hi Rana,

1. - enable editing by right-clicking on the feature in the table of contents --> edit features --> start editing

2. - the editor toolbar should then be active if you don't already have the toolbar, if it still hasn't appeared, right click on some grey space at the top and select the editor toolbar.

3. -the first tool on the editor toolbar looks like an arrow with its tail cut off, select that, then select your feature in the map with it, it should then be highlighted. now you can select and hold down the left mouse to drag your feature to a new location.

4. on the editor toolbar dropdown click 'save edits' then 'stop editing'

Note any coordinates you have as attributes will not change, they have no relation to your actual feature coordinates when they change.  to update a field like this, start editing again and type in the new coordinates, or you can right click on the attribute table field and select 'calculate geometry' (I think that's the name but not 100 percent) or something similar.

good luck.

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Thank you! 

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