Adding Image in ArcGIS Online Popups

06-04-2020 05:12 PM
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Hi. I'm trying to add images to the popups for an ArcGIS Online map. I have a series of images for each popup. However, it requires URLs for the images. Does anyone know how I could use images saved on my computer instead? Would this require me somehow uploading those images online? 

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Hi Ephraim,

I reached out to a member of the ArcGIS Online product development team to ask them your question and it looks like that only URLs are accepted, at this time. They said you could generate a URL by uploading the image to your content in ArcGIS Online, but they also recommended you make sure it has the same Share permissions as your map (private vs organization vs public.) There is some ongoing consideration on how to directly upload images to the map viewer, but it's a little ways out and with no set release date yet.

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