Downloading an updated file may take some time?

06-12-2023 09:41 PM
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Its been awhile since I added new data to the Hub site we have thru the AGOL group. I noticed for these 'new' layers now added 6/9/23  they all show a yellow highlighted message in the download options with Downloading an updated file may take some time'. Why is this? I do not see this on the older files that are posted for download. How do I make this message go away? It is a confusing message, but does show the download option for the June 9th data. This data has not changed. In the AGOL layer settings I do have the cache control setting checked to 1 hour to try to increase the drawing of the layers in different apps. However I wonder is this related to the message? (setting shown in second screenshot).

Thanks for the insight. It would be so great not to see this message!





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