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Hosted feature layer Item whose source is a sublayer of another hosted feature layer shows thumb summary and description of source feature layer item

06-12-2023 12:09 PM
Occasional Contributor

I added a feature layer in AGO (call it "child") by referencing the URL of a sublayer in another hosted feature layer (call it "parent").  The child feature layer has its own description and summary and is shared to a hub site.  When the child feature layer is viewed in hub, it is showing the thumbnail, summary and description from the parent feature layer item.  The attributes showing on the hub item details page for the child item are correct and the downloaded file is correct but it has the same name as the parent item.

The parent feature layer has 53 sublayers, and there is a child item in AGO for each one.  This behaviour doesn't happen for all of them.  All of the child items were added to AGO the same way, using the endpoint URL of the sublayer.

Is this expected behaviour?

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