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Is there a way to pull apps hosted in Portal into HUB?

06-02-2023 06:41 AM
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Is there a way to pull apps in Portal into Hub?

On AGOL - we have public apps and a few internal apps (the ArcGIS solutions), and on Portal, just internal apps.

I wanted to make a single place that everyone can go to access the apps that they need (based on groups so you can only see what is pertinent to you).  But I can't find a way to pull the Portal data over. 

I mostly just want to avoid the situation where an internal person has apps they need on both AGOL and Portal and having to remember where to go - and to remember there are public apps that might also be beneficial to them.

Any ideas?  Thanks!!!

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Check out Distributed Collaboration between AGOL and Portal, that'll bring your data through.

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I do have collab data running between the two - but none of my apps would go over - but to get around that - I forgot you can make an item on AGOL with a URL - so I did that - and now I can pull all my Portal apps into Hub!