UK Local Authority Districts not displaying properly

09-03-2021 03:24 AM
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I am want to use the ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visual to display our orders based on Local Authority Districts / Unitary Authorities in United Kingdom.

What I have noticed though is that some Districts do not display properly.

The ones that do not display although we have sales from those areas (e.g. using postcodes you can see points in those areas) are the following:

Wyre Forest, North Northamptonshire, West Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire

You can see what is missing in the following picture although we do have sales from those areas.


Is there any way to fix this in Power BI or does the fix have to be applied from esri?


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@IPSN88 can you send me the feature service you're using to display the districts?

Depending on the service you've chosen, these might not be visible for a good reason (ie, with county data, certain counties no longer exist except for ceremonial purposes)

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I am not sure what you mean by feature service. I just use the ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visual. I use the free version, so I do not have any subscription with esri. I guess that would be ArcGIS Online?

These are the settings I am using:


Counties also do not work 100% correctly but those are kind of weird in UK so it is hard to get them right and I do not intend to use them. However, Postcode Area works correctly.

For example, here is a picture when using Postcode Area. As you can see there are no uncoloured areas.




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@IPSN88 - Hello there! My name is Anthony and I am a product engineer on the ArcGIS for Power BI visual. I was looking over this issue and I would like to help out if I can! 🙂


If possible, could you post your dataset here? I would like to compare this data using the previous version and our newest version to see where the issue is stemming from. It might be as @David_Brooks has mentioned; something might have changed on the backend around these districts/locations and it is causing them not to appear on the map. 

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Hi - good to see that you are working on this.  You will see that I started a related thread highlighting issue with LSOA's (may also be issue with MSOA's and wards) which are the next tiers of UK administrative boundaries and census analysis areas also used widely in central and local government.

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@AnthonyLatini  Hello and thanks for looking into it. I cannot post the whole dataset, but here is all unique combinations of postcode area, country, region, county and district in my data. That should be enough.

As mentioned before, if I use postcode area in the Location field then map displays correctly. Same for countries.

Regions only work for England.

Counties come up with lots of areas missing, but Counties are weird in the UK so I would't expect them to work properly. It would be good to tell us if you know what the Counties you are using are based off. What I am using for Counties are:

England and Wales: Ceremonial Counties

Scotland: Council areas (sames as District)

Northern Ireland: Historic Counties

Finally, with Districts I am having the issue I have already mentioned before. What I use as Districts are the name of the Local authority district (LAD)/unitary authority (UA)/ metropolitan district (MD)/ London borough (LB)/ council area (CA)/district council area (DCA) that the Postcode from my order sits within.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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@IPSN88 - Thank you for providing some data for me to look at. It helped out quite a bit! 

I compared this data using our previous visual ( and our new release (2021.1.91) and the results are the same for each of the administrative boundaries in the United Kingdom. 

Below is a comparison between the two versions. 



In ArcGIS for Power BI, we gather this data from our geoenrichment services and then place it on the map.

Was this working prior to the latest update? If so, we have temporarily rolled back the latest update and the previous version is available on Power BI Online and Desktop. If the results appear the same this version, then I would recommend reaching out to Esri Support to place an issue with the geoenrichment team/services as this issue doesn't seem to stem from our visual itself. 

Please let me know if you have any questions! 

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I have only recently started using this visual so I do not know how it looked in the past.

The issue is definitely with the source data which based on what you said comes from geoenrichment services.

As I said before, the missing spots on the map come from Wyre Forest, North Northamptonshire, West Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire.

I am not sure about Wyre Forest, but the other ones were only recently created, in the last 6 to 18 months.

North Northamptonshire and West Northamptonshire  are new unitary authorities created and Northamptonshire was abolished.

Same for Buckinghamshire which I think includes Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern, South Bucks and  Wycombe districts which were abolished.

Have a look at these links:

I will send a message on the Contact Us form on the page that you linked. I guess it would be good if you could also flag the issue through an internal system.

Thanks for your help!

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If it helps, it looks like the Wyre Forest district is being mapped on top of the Wyre district (similar names but different parts of England).

West Northamptonshire and North Northamptonshire appear to be plotted on top of one another.

Still don’t know where Buckinghamshire is hiding though.


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