Some basic ArcGIS queries!

08-02-2021 03:21 AM
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HI folks, 

Working with PowerBI and ArcGIS for the first time. Have a specific requirement to build out step by step, have managed to get to a given point with the docs, but now hitting some queries! 

I have created a map using ArcGIS data and have joined it to my own simple table. Now, when using the  Layer Join, I can select the layer, use the layer join select, highlight and filter to the name and account owner. (Image ArcGIS1)

1. How do I make this the default behaviour, so when published to users (via powerBI and embedded in teams), they have a map and all selections filter the account details table? (have tried all 3 selection tools on the top left arrow)

The dataset used for the map, has a piece of data I want to extract (type is ICS or STP), as shown in the tooltip (Image ArcGIS2).

2. My goal is to make clear, when filtering to a region/account they type selected. Can I either, modify the tooltip to appear on mouseover (with less details in!), or somehow pull this information into my powerBI data? (adding it to the account details box would be ideal).

3. If an account manager logs into the dashboard, and they 'own' several regions, I need to contextually have those in a different colour for the user. I cant find any reference information on doing something like this (but can add the users email to my own table, so the information should be accessible). Does anyone have any thoughts on how this might work?

Thanks in advance, and if there are resources I am missing that answer these, please feel free to point me to them!

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HI Folks, 

Still stuck with number 2 - can anyone offer any insight? If I am building this out and don't have a commercial license (but still need to get this done!) are there any other support channels available?

(asking in case this is in the wrong place!)

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