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11-28-2023 11:34 AM
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The map is not recognizing regions in Norway ( Østlandet, Vestlandet, Nordnorge..)

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Hello @PeterSmith2023

Sorry to hear about this issue.

I have a hunch this may be related to a similar issue I saw a while ago:   

An expert's response to this is loaded as an image below. I'm not sure this is the issue, but just wanted to mention it in case it is. 

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 1.53.23 PM.png

Ian Muehlenhaus
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@PeterSmith2023 - Thank you for adding a topic about this issue and thank you @Ian_Muehlenhaus for responding!

I have looked into this issue and I will need to work with our geo-enrichment team (as well as our own group) to determine if we are handling these regions properly. When attempting to add them to the map, ArcGIS for Power BI will default to the World Geocoder as the boundary names could exist in other areas of the world. 


This is also true when using subregions of Norway. 


However, when attempting to change them to boundaries, I can see an error that is being generated by the geo-enrichment service and only Oslo is added to the map.  

I will create a bug for this issue in our project and will keep this thread posted on when this issue can be resolved. 

Thank you for your patience on this problem and I hope we can resolve it in a timely manner. 😀