Reference layers not visible in Power BI, why why why ?

07-26-2019 11:51 AM
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Hi there :

  • I've an AGO Creator licence
  • I've published a feature service with one single layer on our ArcGIS Server
  • I've added that service in ArcGIS Online and it's recognized as a Feature Service
  • I've shared it with everybody

So why I'm still not able to see it when I log in AGO in PowerBI and try to add a reference layer ? I always get the "No results found" message.



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Hi Alex,

This topic covered a similar issue. 

If you scroll to the bottom of the discussion, it indicates how to sign in using the ArcGIS account rather than the Power BI account.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Steven,

Thanks for the clue but unfortunately, it doesn't work neither with my Entreprise nor ArcGIS login accounts.

However, it works if I create a feature service directly from AGO with data uploaded in AGO.

It looks like Feature Services published by ArcGIS Server  and added to my ArcGIS Online account can't be used as Reference Layer in Power BI. Even if I set the security level to Public in both AGS and AGO, my feature service is not available a reference layer in Power BI.

Anybody from ESRI could confirm that ?



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