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PowerBI map bugs?

08-07-2019 07:35 AM
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The ESRI PowerBI map is no longer zooming to the extent of the features that are plotted.  Also, when I change a map to the "heatmap" theme, it does not save and reverts back to the original theme if go to a new tab and come back. This is happening in both PowerBI desktop and web.

Was there an update recently?

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I have a user reporting a similar issue.  Here is the workflow described by my user:

  1. In an Excel spreadsheet, we “Get & Transform Data”  from the Enterprise SDE 
  2. The Navigation query is = SDW{[Schema="CITY",Item="CIP_ALL_POINT"]}[Data]
    1. The reason why we use this dataset is because it contains Lat/Long coordinates that Power BI needs to position the features in the map
  3. We do some additional cleaning up of the data within the Query Editor of Excel (renaming/reordering/removing columns)
  4. Then we query this spreadsheet in Power BI and do additional minor cleanup of the data.
  5. This query is refreshed through an excel macro that we run on a monthly basis that refreshes the queries in the spreadsheet

The symbology -- don't believe it is a heat map -- reverts back to the default whenever the user moves between tabs, and it happens both in PowerBI desktop and web.

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