Login to ArcGIS after Layers are added

01-28-2024 02:15 PM
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Is there a way to set or change the arcgis server information on the powerbi visual map after fields have been mapped to latitude and longitude (thus displayed on the map)?
It seems I can only do so when the visual has not been initialized or linked with any data, and if I remove the fields mapping to reveal the portal config page, then I lose all the symbology configuration.
There is a login like button in the toolbar, but it seem to be only suggesting to connect to ArcGIS, with no button or fields to actually do so.

This is for instance a big annoyance if one does testing on a uat server, and then need to delete all the mappings to change the server to the prod environement, only to have to reconfigure it all. Hoping I am missing a simple trick

With fields mapped

without any fields mapped (only way to change server or log in)

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Hi @NicolasGombault,


I can see how that is annoying. Thanks very much for your feedback. We will be enhancing the Sign in/out experience. For now, could you please try something below? 

- Add a new report page

- Add ArcGIS for Power BI visual in that new page

- Log in with your credentials 

- Tab back to your original report page


Then the credentials should be carried over to your original report so that you don't need to delete anything from your original report. Please feel free to remove the newly added page if you don't feel there's a need after sign in or change as a standard user on that new page.


Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have more questions. 

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