How to create a flow map using ArcGIS maps for power bi

06-05-2019 08:50 AM
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I have zip codes of customers (as origin) that I want to map to transit stations (destination). I added the flow map custom visual but it doesn't recognize the zip codes. The ESRI visual recognizes the zip code but I'm not sure how to create flow lines.

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Hi Letitia King-Branch‌, I don't think this is possible in Power BI. However, there are workarounds which will approximate what you are looking to achieve.

I have a model where I locate stores in a radius of a statistical region. I achieve this by creating Lat/Long coordinates for stores and Lat/Long coordinates for the region using the centroid location. I then use Dax to show the stores within a distance of the region which can be represented on an ArcGIS map using the filtered stores as points. I've also created a Hosted Feature Layer of the regions which I use as a background to the point layer.

I have seen an Analysis feature in AGOL that creates this.

 you can save it as a feature layer under your point layer... this may be closer to what you are after but, Power BI is limited to filtering only the top layer (be it a point or area layer) of the visual.

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