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Can I lock the aspect, yet still allow the user user to control zoom and move?

03-08-2023 09:37 AM
New Contributor II

I would like to have the map move or zoom in/out only when the user explicitly does so on the map visual.
I'd like the map not to move or zoom based on the user changing filters.

Is this possible?



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Hi @JackBurke. With my experience the ArcGIS Power BI visualizer can only be in 2 states namely "Locked Extent" or Free Navigation with mouse and map tools. Use the Visualizer formatting option to set the "Map Tools" to "Lock extent" to ON. This setting will not change the map when filters change. It will only show the filtered map features without panning or zooming. Set the default zoom extent before enabling the "Lock Extent"

You could possibly add a second map where navigation is unlocked, maybe on the same page or a new page. This will be my workaround to have both methods available.

Hope this helps



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Thanks @RudolfdeMunnik ..

One thought I had was to try and toggle that setting (Lock Extent) on and off through some combination of buttons and bookmarks. 

Maybe using a second map as you suggest, along with bookmarks/buttons to control which one to show...

Thanks for replying!

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