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05-14-2018 09:08 AM
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I need to be able to connect data to a polygon, not just a point. The visual currently lets me have a base map but this only forms a background. I need to be able to attach data to a polygon and colour and shade the polygons. The esri visual does allow for this if I want to attach to certain features within a country but I need to be able to import my own shapefiles and attach data to them. If the esri visual could offer this it would be a major enhancement to the functionality of the visual. The drill down choropleth visual but with mapping (or not if I choose) in the background is the sort of functionality that I am looking for.


This functionality is available. You can add your own polygon layers or public layers. These are called reference layers when you edit the map. If you log into your AGOL (and users must have also have an AGOL account to view) you can add layers from your organizational account. Then you can symbolize based on an attribute.

If you don't have AGOL (I assume you do because you are on this chat) you can also import the shapes into the "shape map" visual, however it will be harder to maintain and less basemap and functionality than the Esri visual.


I'm guessing they are asking for the ability to connect tabular data from Power BI to custom boundaries using a common join field. In addition to 'points' and 'standard boundaries' in the location type tool, I believe they are requesting a third option - 'custom boundaries'. A user would have to have a feature layer with their boundaries hosted on ArcGIS and both datasets would need a common join field (feature layer and Power BI data). We've definitely heard this request before and are evaluating it for potential inclusion. Urbis Perth‌ please comment if this would satisfy your needs. Thanks!


This would be a huge benefit. With Microsoft essentially tying our hands to ArcGIS maps, linking to tabular data by polygon is a required workflow for essential BI analyses. Something that can be done in Spotfire and other products.


+1 - Our GIS boundaries are in ArcGIS Online/Enterprise.

As a Business Analyst, I would like to join data from other sources to the GIS layers within Power BI so that I can
perform reporting on them.

I would like to combine/extend this idea to also include polylines.  I imagine a lot of folk with linear assets stored in the GIS, but perhaps business data stored in other systems would also want this capability

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