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12-20-2023 02:37 AM
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Hi all!

I use ArcGIS for AutoCAD 400, it's working very well for me. I use lots of domains in my feature classes, and I can use them in version 400.

This sample dwg was created in ArcGIS Pro with Export to Cad tool. If open dwg in 400, domain field is dropdown, and see the domain well. (1st picture).


I installed version 420, open the same dwg, and cannot see the domain, cannot dropdown, it's a textbox. (2.picture)



In the contents, 400 version see the domain, in 420, i don't see... the same dwg!



Found this, but not clear, what should I do. (

Thanks for help,


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Hello John,

Would you be able to submit an Esri Technical Support case so an Analyst can look at this with you? We also might need to test the actual data so a support case would be best here.

When you create the case please provide screen captures from this layers REST endpoint of its "Type ID Field:", "Fields:" and "Types:" to get us started please?

Please submit the case to the Enterprise-Extensions (EXT) team.


Kind regards,


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