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When is Field Mapping going to be made available for Windows 10?

11-03-2020 04:14 AM
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When is Field Mapping going to be made available for Windows 10?  The last version of Collector was never released for Windows 10, is a similar plan in place for Field Maps?

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Our cross-platform apps Survey123 and QuickCapture are available for Windows and new functionality is being added to them with each release. Collector Classic and ArcGIS Explorer are still supported. Also please look for new GPS capabilities coming in ArcGIS Pro 2.7 at the end of this year.

With that said, we are not actively developing new, native mobile applications on the Windows 10 platform at this time. There is no development planned for ArcGIS Field Maps on the Windows 10 platform. If you are in need of Field Maps on Windows 10, please contact your account manager so that we can gather this information. Thanks!

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I would also benefit from having the app available on Windows 10 - it is the operating system of many rugged tablets that are used for data collection.

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Field maps looks great!  But I really need it on a windows platform too.  All our tablets use Windows 10, it's organisational policy and there's no getting around it.  It's such a shame that there are no plans to develop for windows.

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So what about people that use Windows 10 tablets or 2in1's that need offline maps? Simply telling us to use Pro is a joke. That's another license of Pro we don't have. Pro needs a named user account, or you have to mess with a broken "check out for offline" process. I want to be able to download a free Esri app, load an MMPK, and be done. Collector and Explorer worked fine for this. For all the money your customers send Esri, simply saying "we aren't making an app for Windows" is ridiculous. Why do you decide for us on what we need? If your customers need this, then you need to make it happen. Don't come up with excuses or tell us to use Pro. Basic field users aren't going to be able to figure out Pro on a tablet. It just seems like you are more and more out of touch with what your paying customers need, and you force us into what you want.

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Same here.  We collect most of our data on Trimble T10 tablets running Windows 10.

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We have rugged tablets that are running Windows 10 as well.

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A few of our tablets use Windows 10 as well, and a version for that OS would be very helpful. It also helps to be able to quickly load up the app from the desktop when presenting or for training, or to be able to screenshot from the desktop for quick integration into internal training documents.

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Commenting here that I feel like a Desktop version of Field Maps is needed, even if that platform is a web based app. I'd like an app that honors the settings and configuration of the Smart Forms. I understand it's "field" maps and is mobile-first, but sometimes our maintenance or inspections staff input the data once they arrive back from the field. Perhaps a Field Maps configurable app, or something like that. What are people currently using for this? Web App Builder allows you to add a related record, but it's clunky. Not sure how far away ExB editing is.

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I would benefit from a Field Maps app for Windows as well. It's really helpful to demo the mobile view direct on desktop at our org. We use the Windows version of the Survey123 app in addition all the time for trainings and more convenient editing of submissions for our non-GIS/Field Map-only users after getting back in from the field.