Using Arcade to mimic Survey123 Choice Filter from file

08-01-2022 01:47 PM
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I am trying to use Field Maps to mimic a survey123 that I have, but I'd like to mimic the survey123 choice_filter from_file. I have a file of all cities within my state and their associated counties -- once a county is selected the only options in the multiple choice that show up for the subsequent "City" question are ones associate with that county in the file. The select_one from_file and choice list options in survey123 make this easy, however I'm not aware of a way to do something similar in Arcade/Field Maps other than an EXTREMELY LENGTHY if/then with all the counties and cities listed out. 

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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If I'm reading your workflow correctly it sounds like what you are describing are contingent values.  If the two domains are fairly static in nature you could use contingent values (very new to Field maps), but been around a few version of ArcGIS Pro on server side.  I believe they will need configured in ArcGIS Pro.


- Justin Reynolds, PE
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Configuring contingent values in Arc Pro and then publishing to AGOL should work in theory....  I attempted this two years ago when we migrated our field data collection platform to AGOL/Field Maps but I gave up on this approach when the domain editor started crashing ArcPro.  It started to fail after I had added four or five groupings with 5 to 10  coded value pairs in each.  I haven't tired using contingent values since ESRI broke ArcPro's hosted feature layer domain editing ability.  I'm interested to see if this is a viable approach now.  

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