Troubles with using FieldMaps offline

03-16-2023 11:07 AM
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Over the past year we have been migrating from using Trimble Terrasync to FieldMaps and have run into quite the learning curve. The majority of our data capturing is done offline, so we need to be able to upload sometimes large amounts of data for offline use, and sometimes it seems very difficult. Sideloading would be ideal but there is no way to apply a form for data collection if we use that method. We have also been having issues in consistent offline functioning of the program. For example, this past week we captured a large line feature while navigating thru tough terrain. The first two features submitted to our forms successfully submitted; however, at some point our features were no longer able to submit. An error notification popped up

"Unable to Submit.

Attempt to invoke interface method 'java.lang.object

java.util.Map$Entry.getKey()' on a null object reference "

I am really unsure what provoked this error message, and it was severely frustrating since we had just navigated thru difficult terrain to collect the line. From then out we were no long able to collect any features with that form. 

How has everyone else faired with using FieldMaps in an offline manor? I feel like issues like this arise often and I am always dumbfounded by the solution. Maybe it is me, user error, but it is very difficult to wrap my brain around. The application seems to work fine if you are using it online, but offline there are tons of difficulties and hurdles.

Thank you!

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I can't seem to get any line layers to sync properly. Points sync fine. 

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