Geofencing notifications while offline

08-22-2021 07:49 PM
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Hi all, 

We can see that Field Maps can allow geofencing within ArcGIS Velocity or GeoEvent Server, but with this tracking extension for a user, can we continue to have geofence monitoring and notifications on a device while offline?

We are investigating GeoMoby and want to see if we can do the same in Field Maps.

Our use case is:

  • Cultural heritage zones are mapped as  prohibited areas. A user will be in the field, most definitely, offline and we need a way to tell that user when they go in/out of a polygon. We also want to store a location when they do, so those can synced when online.



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Currently there are no on-device geofencing capabilities. This is something that is actively being developed and researched and likely will be available some time next year. Notifying the user when they enter or exit a polygon is one of the targeted use cases. It will work offline.

We also want to store a location when they do, so those can synced when online.

Can you expand on this? Do you need to store a feature to mark when and where the user crossed the boundary? Is this a point layer? What fields need to be populated? I assume it should automatically add the point, correct?

Is your expectation that a map has a feature layer in it that is configured for geofencing and it "just works" in the mobile app without the mobile user needing to do anything?

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Hi Aaron, 

First thanks for the confirmation and letting us know it is in development. I have added my thoughts to how I would see this done (perhaps multiple ways)

Rather than going down the tracking extension path, perhaps there could a template layer (like field notes) that people can use. This would have a predefined schema but obviously allow users to extend if necessary. You might simply provide two layers - boundaries (polygon) and events (point) and allow users to symbolise them in a web map as they see fit. Some of our boundaries are not allowed to be seen by the field workers due to cultural reasons.

Perhaps within Field maps web app, you could open the web map configuration, and accompanying the offline areas section, there could be an area to define the layers or a secondary web map for geofencing. The data doesn't have to be part of the operational web map itself, but the data would be still be downloaded for offline use.


Obviously this needs to scale both ways too. We could add these layers in GeoEvent or Velocity to do on the fly analysis of our location, but we also need to continue providing offline geofence capabilities while offline. We are working in very remote areas of the world where there is no network connection, so even if there is an event (entering a zone) it would need to be recorded offline and synced later.

I hope this helps.



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Hello Gareth,


GeoTriggers has made a come back. In the latest version of the Runtime you can now build geotriggers which provide the Geofencing capability you are after.  Thsi blog provides the detail.

FieldMaps does not have the capbility today but it is on the roadmap



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Thanks Gordon, do you have the official roadmap? As @LindsayRaabe_FPCWA if the roadmap is a long way off, perhaps we are better trying to get a custom app built. I built a prototype usning #AppStudio to prove to the business that the functionality was there and that didn't require geotriggers.  @LindsayRaabe_FPCWA  perhaps we should split the bill?

@Anonymous User do you have a concrete time line for this? It may be worth us standing up something until functionality is available

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I don't have a concrete timeline. An authoring experience needs to be built into ArcGIS Pro or Field Maps web - this seems like the long pole in the tent and puts our best guess at mid-to-late 2022 for a full end-to-end solution.

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Thanks for the response @Anonymous User. At least with a timeline like that it would be worth us investigating a custom solution. Perhaps there is a forum where we can actively participate with requirements and functionality?


Appreciate all the repsonses.

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I just stumbled on this post which is timely. I spent some time a few days ago trying to find documentation on whether Field Maps had geofencing capabilities, and whether they work in an offline environment. If someone could point me to further documentation that would be great! 

We're considering the use of geofencing on timber harvesting machines. Currently staff physically mark in the forest what can be harvested or needs to be retained (a LOT of work). We'd like to see a product that not only allows us to geofence no-go areas, but that also alerts both the operator when approaching/crossing a no-go zone boundary, as well as potentially recording that incursion and notifying a manager/supervisor (when sync'd??). We don't yet thave Velocity or GeoEvent Server, so a long way to go, but good to know what is possible. 

Lindsay Raabe
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I can see a valid use for off-line geo fencing in the disaster response industry.  Often areas are marked as no go due to hazards and while the maps at the base camp clearly were marked the strike team in the field does not always remember these areas.  This could be yet another great tool for situational awareness..   



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This is something that would greatly improve the app. We're looking for this exact functionality. Any timeline to when this would be introduced to the Enterprise space?