Streaming track while also collecting a point feature

10-12-2021 11:48 AM
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Hi. Here's the scenario. I'm trying to use Field Maps as a trail mapping app. I have to editable feature layers in the app, a line feature layer for the trail(s) and a point feature layer for points of interest (think trailheads, scenic views, parking lots, etc) along a trail. The idea is to replicate what 100's of smartphone hiking apps do when someone wants to log a track of their hike and take waypoints along the way. I want to use the streaming function to automatically lay down a "breadcrumb trail" as a user is walking and then allow them to manually add a point along the hike at their discretion.

I think I have everything set up correctly to access and edit my two layers in the mobile app. I can start to edit the trail feature (line) by using the "start streaming" function and begin walking. But when I want to stop and place a point feature I have to stop streaming and essentially break my track line, then collect a point, and then create a new line feature. I do not want to have to stop streaming my track line, I'd like the point to be placed on it without having to break that line feature (and refill attributes/forms). Is that possible?

Thanks in advance. New to this so maybe I'm missing something super basic.


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This ability has been requested for quite some time and, as far as I am aware, is not currently possible. See:
(ArcGIS Collector was a predecessor to Field Maps)

With your current workflow, you do not have to create a new line feature and break your track into multiple segment, or refill attribute values. Instead, once you are done collecting a point, you could tap on your existing trail feature, hit the Edit button, and start streaming again. This will extend the line you had been collecting before.

Another workaround is to collect points with a different app, such as Survey123 or QuickCapture, while location streaming in Field Maps.

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