Dual Collection - Stream Lines while adding Points

04-27-2015 08:11 AM
Status: Open
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We need the ability to stream a line while adding point features using Collector.  I need to be able to drive a newly built road or a road underconstruction and stream that line into collector as I drive.  While its streaming I need my passenger to have the ability to add points of road closures, signs, construction, with out stopping and starting the streaming feature.


I concur with the previous commentator's input above regarding the ability to stream lines while adding points. Initialization and processing time would be reduced if this process could be streamlined.
I absolutely agree; the current process is awkward and time consuming.   Often the route must be re-driven in order to collect and record all the necessary data, especially while collecting data on the freeways.  Adding a button, to quickly access voice activation on android devices, would be extremely helpful.
Anything that can make point collection more user friendly would be welcomed.
absolutely essential to using the Collector in the field. Stopping to add a point wasts time and can be dangerous in traffic. Drive sets her/his Cllector to record lines while the passenger adds labeled pointd.
Yes! Simultaneous feature collection in Collector would make it usable for more than simple field data collection. This should ne a priority, IMO.
This would be very helpful for road data collection.
I agree with the poster. The ability to simultaneously stream and collect points should be at the top of the list for new functionality in Collector.

Absolutely, this may be a deal breaker for my client using the program or not - they need to collect boundaries in the field and collect way points as they go.  It is much too time consuming for them to stop a line add attributes, add a point, save it, continue collecting line....This is a must-have for our industry.


Yes this is vital for our weed control and environmental monitoring work. We need to be able to measure ground covered and point locations of control or observations


Thank you all for commenting and voting on this idea. When commenting, please consider expanding upon your use case and how this functionality would enhance your current workflows.