Smart form behaving differently with saving to layer or to map

05-20-2023 10:29 AM
Occasional Contributor

Hi Folks,

I just noticed a strange behavior from Field Maps when saving the form to the layer or the map on Android (not sure about iPads). The smart form works okay for feature layers without related tables; the form will be presented fine no matter you save it on the layer or the map.

BUT, if you have a related table and you save the smart form (using the Field Maps Designer) on the layer itself, the properties for the smart form are not honored by Field Maps. Field Maps just ignores all the design made in the form.

After many form modifications and installing/reinstalling Field Maps, I decided to save the related table form design to the map instead of the layer and voilá, it worked.

I wonder if this is a bug or an expected behavior. Anyone else is having this behavior?



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