Best practices for low connectivity in mobile field workflows

05-19-2023 11:45 AM
New Contributor


We are beginning to increase our use of field applications and are currently developing workflows with Field Maps. Our current application is for field engineers to ride along our fiber infrastructure and collect issues they see along the way. We ideally would like multiple photos to be able to be captured and we also have a variety of arcade expressions to auto-populate some values (we grab weather data, pass attribute values from other layers based on where user clicks, etc). We also have some conditional visibility in the form. 

We are located in Michigan and some areas have poor to no connectivity. As a fiber provider and non-profit focused on technological innovation, we'd really like to avoid offline workflows as much as possible. We have other enterprise systems that would benefit from connectivity as well (ticketing, financials, etc). We're considering cell phone extenders in the most remote areas and potentially something like a WiFi card in low to medium service areas. 

I'm wondering what others out there have tried to keep field crews fully online - what's worked, what hasn't, any recommendations? 

Thanks and happy to provide any additional useful context!

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