Sharing Markup with Group Doesn't Work?

11-12-2020 06:05 AM
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On the screen to share markup, I only want to share it with one group in my organization. I do not want to share it with my whole organization or publicly. When I slide the button to share it with this group and hit okay, everything appears to work fine. When I log into ArcGIS Online on my desktop though, the Markup is only viewable in my content and it is was not shared with the group I selected in the Field Maps app. Any insight?

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Thanks for reporting this issue. It will be addressed at next update of fields maps scheduled later next month.

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Was this issue resolved?

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This issue is still occurring. Is in there a plan to address it?

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Maybe a related question?  I can share markup with a group on Enterprise Portal and see it in both My Content and the content for the group there.  In ArcGIS Pro (we are at 2.6.2) I see the markup under My Content in Catalog and can add it to a map but it is not available under the content for the group. Thanks for any help!

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Is there any plan to resolve this issue? I still can't view shared markup layers within my group in Portal. The only way it shows up is if I share with the whole organization which is not ideal. We are using Enterprise 10.9.1.

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