Search By Attribute Doesn't work in Field Maps

06-25-2021 11:49 AM
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Hi Folks,

I've noticed that when I set up searching "By Layer" in a map's settings the searching works just fine in the browser, but it doesn't work in the field maps application. I've searched on the new Field Maps site and in the support forums, and I don't see anywhere else I'm supposed to enable this searching. Is this something we're not able to do in Field Maps? Set specific layers to be searchable offline?

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It can work ?   If you look at the map in ArcGIS Online Assistant

Do you see a search in  the application properties?

It should look similar to this:


Is the feature your looking for downloaded into the offline map?

What search operator are you using, equal or contains?

What is the field type? integer, string

And the Field Name, what is it?   potentially it could be a reserved keyword that gets changed in the offline database?




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Hi Mark, thanks for the reply

1.  Yes the search layer is being taken offline

2. I have tried both, but would prefer to use contain.

3. This is a string field.

4. Field name is "PrimaryOwner"


Note that the search does work correctly int he webmap, it just doesn't work in the app Field Maps, whether the app is offline or not.


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I've got the same problem - search for an attribute is working in the web map, but not in Field Maps App. 

However, this problem only occurs with a certain layer, others work!

Does anybody have an idea?





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I am experiencing the same. I am working in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1. While performing some testing - I noticed that the search was not working for a rest service, but working for a hosted feature layer. My team and I tested further and AGOL works with rest service and zooms, highlights.


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I'm having the same problem with Enterprise 10.8.1. I configured the searchable fields in the options. I've tried multiple layers with multiple fields. I'm using 'contains' and string values (no reserved keywords). Works fine in the desktop web application but doesn't work in Field Maps.




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Same thing here.  I'm just using AGOL.  It was working just fine in Collector Classic.  After starting to make the jump to Field Maps, it no longer works.  Not in Field Maps nor Collector Classic anymore.

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Found this thread after running into the same issue on Field Maps v 21.4.0 on Android, I am referencing a web map with two simple but very critical searches, everything is AGOL based.  Hoping someone from Esri might have an update as to when this will be fixed or a work around; its pretty critical for fields apps / staff to have some limited search capability for layers (ie. Search for Streetlight by Serial Number OR Search for Project Area by Name).  Thanks.

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I also found this frustrating. However, I stumbled upon this solution on reddit. I feel very silly like the op on that post. Just hit enter/return after typing in your search and it will bring back returns that are both places and layers.


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I wish that was my problem, but hitting enter has and still just gives me the same results as the geocoding. 😒  Not sure what is going on there.