need to add warning to smartform for unmeet conditions

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01-03-2022 12:38 PM
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I have a dry weather sampling collection I am working on for another user.

The user would like a warning to come up when a certain conditions are not meet across several fields.  I am very new to arcade and smart forms and am having an issue making the warning pop up and be visible.

Most of the conditions are simple is such as a yes/no is marker or the value input is over a certain amount.  I have one that has to be a calculation between two different values to see if it triggers the warning. 

What I am trying to do:

Sample has Oder: Yes /No

If Yes warning "Further Testing Required"  becomes visible  (would like make red and bold not sure how)

If No no warning is visible


any help or pointing towards training on how to do this is greatly appreciated



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will think about using this future

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