Field Maps Form not used when editing multiple features

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11-11-2021 04:49 AM
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I have a Form defined in the Field Maps web app that conditionally displays a required date field when a certain value is selected. When editing a single feature in the iOS app, this works as expected. When editing multiple features, it appears that Field Maps defaults back to the popup configuration defined in the map. How can I use the Field Maps form when editing multiple features?


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Looking forward to this enhancement as well at NCDOT.

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Do we know when we'll be able to use our smart forms when editing multiple features?

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Has someone started an ArcGIS Idea for this functionality so that we can vote it up? When using the Edit Multiple function field workers have the ability to edit fields that I have indicated as uneditable in the form. I also have a calculate expression on one of my fields that isn't honoured - the completion date MUST to be set to the date/time that the feature is updated in the field. 

My use case is for a map that field workers use to indicate when potholes are filled. The edit multiple tool is necessary in this case as hundreds of potholes may be filled in a single day & the Completion Date is needed to indicate that we are meeting minimum maintenance standards for roads in our jurisdiction.

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I'm in a similar boat. I have two fields that need to be edited and two that don't. When I go to edit multiple, you can ONLY edit the two that don't need multiple, the other fields don't even show up at all. This is the most bizarre functionality and I can't imagine why ESRI thought it made sense not to be able to use the form we create when we are editing multiple features. I thought I could probably complete the task of editing thousands of parcels in a couple of days with edit multiple. Now I realize it will take me several months to a year in order to edit each one individually.