Count number of collected attachments in Field Maps

11-04-2022 04:11 AM
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Is there a way in field maps to count the number of attachments?

Tried it with arcade to populate another field with: Count(Attachments($feture))

The arcade is valid but after taking a picture the count is not updated.


Use Case: Make sure that an attachment gets collected for each collected point.

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I haven't messed to much with this, but I suspect it isn't as dynamic as we would like it to be at the moment.  If you create a new feature and attach an item it will likely return zero attachments, but if you submit the feature and then edit it it might just return a count of 1.  The language in the documentation says that it fetches the attachments from the service. Any attachment added in the current edit session is not in the service until submitted.  There may be some nuance that I'm still missing, but I bet this works like a charm in the popup, but not quite how we want for a form calculation.



- Justin Reynolds, PE