Cannot download offline maps on tablet

03-24-2023 03:22 PM
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Hi there!

I have a map in AGOL and I have synced all of the content and layers and enabled offline mode. However, for some reason I cannot create offline areas - either on AGOL (remains as "packaging" for hours) or on my tablet. I've never been able to create online, but I was able to do it on my tablet before. Now, when I go to the map on my tablet and select "add offline are" then "download area" it immediately fails. 

I'm really at a loss of what to do and unfortunately, I need this map for field work on Monday! Thanks for your help!


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I am having a similar issue. However, there are a few additions to this problem that I am having. Either way, it sounds like it is the same problem, likely with the same fix.

I tried to create an offline area to use in Field Maps. I have been using the same geodatabase for the past few seasons and have always been accessed in online using a mobile hotspot in the past. I did everything needed to create an offline area and now that I have gone down this path, Field Maps won't let me access the map online or offline.

If I turn on the 'offline areas' and designate a 'map area' (in Field Maps Designer), it lists this as 'packaging', while listing it in Field Maps as 'generating'. It stays like this for hours and will not let me access the map, even while online, in Field Maps. When I turn off the offline mode (in Field Maps Designer), in Field Maps, it will still designate the map in 'offline areas'. This leaves me unable to access the map even when I am online. If I turn the 'offline area' back on, it does the same thing it initially did. 

I have now come dead end where there is no way for me to access this map and collect data in Field Maps, whether I am online OR offline. 

I too need this map for field work on Monday. 

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