Use "Field Value Type's" in Field Maps & Instant App Editing

05-13-2022 11:09 AM
New Contributor III

It would be exceptionally worthwhile to have your edit forms honour the "field value type" set on the hosted feature layer. If email, for example, have form validate for email. Phone? Yes, that too. 

Be it in Map Viewer in the Browser, Field Maps on Android/iOS or instant apps (browser), it would be very useful to include basic form validation by simply applying validation based on the Feature Layer's set field value types.*




*Maybe this already exists and I just can't find it? I searched but found nothing (yet).


Yes - it would be good to be able to format and validate a field so that it records and displays a valid and recognisable phone number or email address. We have come across this use case too. 


One would think it should be an easy integration.

There are a number of websites I have visited for years that will tell me if I entered an email address or phone in an invalid format

When you build a feature in Data Design you can specify the number format. Specifying an email format or phone number format should not be that heavy of a lift


Looking at the configuration options for Field Maps I think I would put it there as a Input Type dropdown.