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Support Snapping Besides Endpoints

08-18-2021 05:45 AM
Occasional Contributor

I would like the ability to have fieldmaps to be able to utilize snapping features besides endpoints. For example, if someone wanted to create a new sewer lateral line to the main, this is not capable because it can only be snapped to endpoints like an existing manhole structure. This would be very helpful for our field workers so they don't have to create these line segments by a desktop application. This situation might be similar to other utilities that need to draw service lines. 


Snapping to lines without the need for vertices along the line would be handy - though I would like to think you could adjust the tolerance or disable the function as it is not always desirable. 


Push! Is there anything new to this problem? We als need this feature in an use case with cable documentation where we have several cables in the street an need junctions to the different houses at every part of the line not only at the endpoints.