making the maps hidden by default in mobile field application

05-09-2022 05:39 AM
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Hi all, 

I think it would be better if all maps are hidden in the mobile field maps application by default because maybe there are hundreds of maps for large organizations, and we would like to have only 10 maps to be visible in the mobile app at that time it will be a difficulty to open each map setting to set its sharing option to "hide it in the mobile app".

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@HalaAbdelmaksoud We are also a large organization deploying several thousand maps.  We prefer the opposite.  The preference may be organization specific.  There are a couple of possible options to help manage this issue.  

  1. If we were to have a new feature to handle the preference I would suggest that it should be in the organization settings rather than managed as an esri default.  Something like "Enable Field Maps by default on new maps". 
  2. Another option would be to use groups to manage the maps that you want to be deployable.  This is easiest if your content is managed by a single admin account or user.  Basically, only the maps and content that you want other users to use are actually shared in a way to allow this. All other content (including maps) just aren't shared to any group.  If you are using Field maps as the owner of all the content then you would see everything regardless of how it is shared, but if you are a different user then you would only see the maps shared with you.
  3. Finally, I would recommend utilizing the arcgis python api to manage content when at scale.  You could use python to modify the typeKeywords in the maps definition (json). Just add "CollectorDisabled" and "FieldMapsDisabled" to the list.  Lookup all your orgs maps then loop through each map and disable the field apps you don't want to be in use.  You can ignore the maps that you actually want deployed by excluding them.



    "typeKeywords": [
        "ArcGIS API for JavaScript",
        "ArcGIS Online",
        "Data Editing",
        "Explorer Web Map",
        "Online Map",
        "Web Map"




Thanks! @JustinReynolds, I just wanted to ease working with Field Maps. After reading your case, I think that it should be in the organization settings.