Make Maps Default Hidden In Field Maps

05-28-2021 12:46 PM
Status: Open
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It seems backwards that all maps are by default available in Field Maps and you have to go through and hide maps you don't want to show up in the app. I can't imagine most organizations are using the majority of their maps in Field Maps so it would make more sense to have to enable the maps for Field Maps instead of disabling all maps that aren't needed. There should at least be an option to either enable or hide all new maps by default when created.


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You might find this script handy - it will let you bulk enable/disable maps for use in field maps and collector via a python notebook (can run in ArcGIS Online or Pro).


I do think that maps should be shown in field maps by default. However, there should be an option to change the organizational default or the default for a particular user's content. 


I totally agree with @Tim-Woodfield that the default should be at least an option on an account. Take this example:

I publish a map and set it up properly in Field Maps Web UI. My colleague saves a copy of that map naming it something similar. That map is by default enabled for Field Maps but may add, replace  or remove very important layers. Now all other users see two maps with similar names, and choose the one they think is correct. One has been approved and is setup for field maps through the Web UI but the other is not. The field officer takes the app offline thinking they have the correct map until out in the field. Then, when they go to use it it doesn't work.

I'm struggling with this right now, I have been away for a week and on my return I have found such a situation and my college is away so I cannot access his account to disable the map and its causing soooo many problems. With 20 field officers in the field, its a mess I don't need.