Improve forms/related records workflow to support plot-based data collection

02-16-2024 08:57 AM
Status: Open
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I work in natural resources. All our crews want to use Field Maps for everything, and so do I. But the standard 'natural resources' workflow - "stand in one place, and list everything that you see" - is hard to set up in Field Maps (and most ESRI apps). Forestry plots, plant surveys, fish sampling, fuels transects, pre/post monitoring..

We need to be able to set up a single form where fields from the parent feature and multiple related tables can be filled out together, 20-30+ different related records can be added, and these lists of things (trees, plants, etc) can be navigated, sorted, and edited in a simple, scrollable way. There are a lot of posts out there with workarounds to provide something like this, but actually building it in as a designed feature would make it SO much easier to support these kinds of work.


Have you considered combining FieldMaps and Survey123 together to achieve this? One of our staff are building a form that creates numerous related records using repeats in Survey123 with the survey being triggered from within FieldMaps using a link in a features popup which passes attributes as parameters. 


Checkout this post for more info.


@LindsayRaabe_FPCWA Yes, this is one of the workarounds we use. IMHO Survey123 needs a similar improvement to really make these workflows great, as outlined in this post: Table view for repeats - Esri Community