Floor Picker Enhancements

11-19-2020 10:40 AM
Status: Implemented
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I set up the floor picker in my Field Maps app using the Indoors model. I'm having an issue with the VERTICAL_ORDER field. According to the Indoors documentation: 


The problem is, when I navigate to a site, the first floor plan level I see is the lowest in the vertical order. For instance, I see lower level 1 (vertical order -1) instead of the ground floor (vertical order 0). This is not practical for field workers who will be entering sites on the ground floor, more often than not.


In addition to this, I ONLY see the lowest level in the floor picker. I have to click "L1" in the screenshot above before the other floors buttons are revealed. This will add extra confusion for field workers if they're only seeing the basement floor plan when they walk in the front door of the site. 

I've made a workaround for this by assigning positive numbers to the lower levels that are greater than the highest above ground floors. So vertical order -1 becomes 3, vertical order -2 becomes 4, etc. But this also puts the floors out of order in the floor picker, because I'm seeing the highest numbers first, and the ground floor is at the bottom.


I'd like to propose that the vertical order field default to 0, or have some way to edit the vertical order of the floor picker buttons in the web map or app. I also think that all relevant floors should be shown initially on the floor picker, not just the lowest vertical order floor. 


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I haven’t checked on this thread in a while. I’m using build 20.2.1. Has the vertical order issue been sorted out yet? 


@BrentPierce mentioned that it will be resolved in the next release which isn't out yet and I haven't seen it in beta either.  Hopefully soon....


Ah OK. 


@LeviCecil - I stand corrected.  I JUST received the update to both my Android and iOS devices.  The new version is 21.1.0 and I can confirm that the vertical order issue has been resolved.  the floor picker now defaults to vertical order zero.  Any floors below can be negative numbers and any floors above will be positive values.  


Did you receive the update automatically?





A version of Field maps was just released 21.1.0 which treated the vertical order = 0 as the default floor when viewing a building.





Yes.  It just came for me about an hour ago.  I checked the Play Store (Android) and AppStore (Apple) and there they were.  


Thanks. Will this update push to devices automatically at some point, or does it need to be manually updated?


@LeviCecil I don't know about on iOS but on Android it would depend on the how the user has their device setup. You can allow apps to auto update but you may also have it set to require prompting by the user. It would be best to notify all users to do the update if it's important and provide a link or other options for guidance (I don't know about you, but not all our field users are overly tech-fluent). 


I found out that the update was pushed to all of our iPads.