Field Maps Smart Forms Edit Feature Service of a Server Feature

05-12-2022 08:35 AM
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I need to be able to edit a Feature Service in Field Maps Smart Forms.  Currently I get the message "Basic elements are not available Contact your administrator".   ESRI Tech support says this in a known limitation.  We were able to do this with Collector and Survey123.  It seems like a major thing to miss before rolling out Field Maps and discontinuing support in Collector.


Is this in Enterprise or AGOL?  Are your trying to edit the feature service in Field Maps Web App?  Are you trying to add a new Basic Element to the form? I'm curious where you are seeing that message.


Both Enterprise portal and/or AGOL using a server feature service. It's when I try and create a Form.


According to this:


Adding basic form elements is not currently supported in ArcGIS Enterprise.


by Anonymous User

@MatthewDriscoll  Basic form elements are new fields that are pushed down into the feature layer. Here are some restrictions that can prevent new elements from being added to a feature layer:

  • The user does not own the layer and is not in org_admin role within the organization
  • The layer is a not a hosted feature layer
  • The layer is a feature layer vie
  • The feature layer has views that lock the schema of the feature layer
  • The feature layer is used to build a tile layer item

User error and incorrect information from ESRI Tech support.   This is already implemented.