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Field Maps - Content - Form Export and Import (JSON format)

06-24-2022 10:29 AM
Status: Open
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Hi All,

It will be fantastic if we can export/import existing smart forms (field maps) into JSON or template for future/central usage. Then, when we have multiple layers from the same published/hosted feature service with different symbology, we do not need to create the same form repeatedly 🙂




I like the idea, but would see more then only export/import from/to json. 

That's by the way already possible using and copying the "formInfo" part of the data section.


I would like to store form definitions as particular element in ArcGIS Online or portal and attach it centrally to my webmaplayers which have the same structure.




We totally agree on this. It is a must that you have a way for import and export formular templates with assigned expressions. This is both needed for backup, exchange but also, when larger changes are made to the feature structure, it has a tendensy to reset the formular, and this could rebuild it.


I always keep a set of notepad docs will all my Arcade expressions for the project.  Like you said they can reset a lot.  



Wow, that sounds like an even more fantastic and systematic way to copy/paste smart form of Field Maps smart forms. I would love to see it more built-in just on AGOL or Portal without using ago-assistant one day. Lol...but I didn't have much knowledge to comment on this...since I didn't know ago-assistant exist till I see your comment. Thanks for sharing! Very nice!

Would you please let me know how to modify/copy "forminfo" JSON on ago-assistant? I can't seem to find it on JSON of the web map.


I am using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1 - Portal for ArcGIS.




Currently using AGO Assistant to manage form data. We have multiple templates for projects that we repeatedly use and to have a way through AGOL to assign templates rather than having to keep notepad forminfo data or copying AGO Assistant data constantly would be extremely helpful.