[Field maps] Accessible dans Carplay ou Android Car

02-09-2022 12:01 AM
Status: Open
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La navigation avec Field Maps est intéressante et le fait que l'application Field Maps soit disponible sur l'ordinateur de bord du véhicule faciliterait les actes de suivi (dans notre cas de canalisation). 
Aussi l'accès à Field Maps à partir d'AndroidCar ou CarPlay serait apprécié.


The single year I spent learning French when I was 13 is unsurprisingly inadequate so here is a translation from google:

Navigation with Field Maps is interesting and the fact that the Field Maps application is available on the vehicle's on-board computer would facilitate follow-up actions (in our case of channelling).
Also access to Field Maps from AndroidCar or CarPlay would be appreciated.

I work in Forestry and I'm sure our civil engineers would love the option to use the vehicles display unit to stop and record defects on forest roads.


Agreed. Being able to use the vehicles in-built nav system would be handy for navigation and also feature collection (though maybe this is better suited to Quick Capture but full Field Maps control through the dash would be best).

It also means not having to break the law to use your mobile device while driving (at least in Australia). 


Si hace mucha falta en CarPlay.......