Enable search when creating offline areas on device

03-02-2022 07:52 AM
Status: Open
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Currently for maps that are meant to cover a large geographic extent, field users requiring multiple offline areas can either:

  • Download offline areas predefined by the Field Maps map owner
  • Zoom to a location using a bookmark predefined by the Field Maps map owner
  • Zoom to their current location (not helpful in a majority of cases as the preferred workflow would be to create the offline area using wifi prior to arriving on-site where the mobile network could be spotty)
  • Pinch and pan to get to the correct location

It would be helpful to include a search bar in the Add Offline Area dialog box that can search both the world geocoding service and layers/fields as defined by the web map owner in the Application Settings. This would allow field users to more independently create their own offline areas on short notice without having to reply on the map owner.


Great idea!


Agreed, this is something that is severely lacking for user-created offline areas.  We have toyed around with automating the creation of bookmarks based on the centroids of some of our work units, but we would have to implement that for every Field Maps map and then also be rather careful about it.

Being how search on fields and location already exists; it seems like this should be an easy ask of the dev team.

- Mitch


Our team has received requests from multiple clients for this functionality, would love to see it in an upcoming release.


In Collector, there was a "Layer Manager" that allowed selective viewing of features from certain layers like an offline project area layer.  Controlling the visible feature layers has been another way to for our users to quickly "search" when creating offline areas.  Maybe you would consider bringing this back to Field Maps?




Our team are missing the ability to add a bookmark/my places in the field maps app failing adding a search function when creating an offline area. It is extremely hard to create an offline area if you can't find it. Please add this functionality back in. It was essential functionality that was available  in the Collector app and seems to have been left off Field Maps