Control edit multiple at the field level of a form

05-10-2022 05:09 PM
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The edit multiple setting is awesome, powerful, and very dangerous.  We want to enable this for our users, but we can't bring ourselves to do it.  It is just too easy, even for seasoned veterans, to overwrite a lot of data.  

It would be nice if we could allow edit multiple on a layer but restrict which fields are allowed to be edited.  In the field maps form authoring a check box just below the existing Allow Editing checkbox seems to be an appropriate location.  This would allow us to provide some level of edit multiple on the fields that often share common data, but restrict edit multiple on fields where that is not appropriate.


I know there is an enhancement request that would utilize the form during edit multiple.  I'm hoping something like this wouldn't need to piggy back of that enhancement but could optionally be implemented ahead of it.


Status changed to: Under Consideration


Please enact something like this soon.  Without being able to control which fields and which attributes can be edited the edit multiple option is unusable for our organization.  I would also add that the edit multiple option should follow the same form and conditional/ required rules that you set up for adding a new feature.



Same for us! We can't use edit multiple option as it's too dangerous to overwrite data. Please do something soon! 🙂


Agreed. I logged a ticket for this exact issue earlier this year. This would be huge.


Hey guys,

It is possible to edit the popupinfo within the JSON of the webmap through ArcGIS Assistant. So this way it is at least possible to clear the fields that are shown when using Edit Multiple option within Field Maps. 

ArcGIS Assistand:

Go to the webmap you wnat to edit. Click on it and click on View Item JSON. Within the popupinfo go to "expressionInfo" and change under IsEditable from true to false.



At least it is something, but having the form or a secondary form (even better), would be better. I would go fo r a secondary form since for inspections we do as a company I do not want the same form for edit multiple since we use a script over night to add records in the related table. 


Hope this helps a little bit.


I would like this to be a function as well.

At a minimum I want to be able to control what fields are visible/editable per layer in the field map when editing multiple.

We use one layer across multiple maps with varying degrees of access but edit multiple allows all users to have assess to all fields regardless if they are in a more restrictive map.


I agree with everythin utility arborist said. 


Idem pour nous, nous devons contrôler plusieurs champs d’édition


We need this functionality - critical for data security.


This is symptomatic of a bigger problem, which is that everything in Field Maps works off the Smart Form definitions and the APIv4 popup definitions except for Edit Multiple which reads the APIv3 popup definitions (i.e. the "fieldInfos" object at the root of the "popupInfo"). I have a sneaking suspicion this is related to the lack of standardized multi-feature editing in the new API somehow, but either way updating Edit Multiple to use the Smart Form definition is a must, there's no reason for the editing workflows to be disjoint.