ArcGIS Field Maps - True Navigation Feature

09-08-2023 01:40 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

It would be nice to have a true navigation feature as part of Field Maps. I don't mean routing or driving directions, but the ability to select a location, and have the app guide you to the target location while on foot (e.g. a sample location, monitoring well, etc.). Many of us came from using Trimble devices in the field, and while we are more than happy to move past that outdated TerraSync software, at least it did have a navigation feature.

In Field Maps, the closest we have (I think) is the compass feature when you select a point, showing the distance and bearing to that point. But those tiny red numbers are so small they are almost unreadable in the field. They must be the smallest text in the entire app. In lieu of a separate navigation feature, just making the distance and bearing larger and the main focus on the screen after hitting compass would help.

Besides enlarging the distance and bearing to be readable, a navigation feature could also employ an audio alert when you are within a certain distance of the target feature. This is something many of us also got used to with Trimble's navigation.


I often upload proposed locations to Field Maps that field staff navigate to using the "Compass" tool.  Having something a little more robust than the "Compass" tool would be great add.


I second the idea of updating the field navigation ability of Field Maps. It would be great if it was more similar to a handheld Garmin device where you can select between North Up and Track Up and always show which way you are pointing.

My Apple device doesn't show a heading icon unless I Compass to the point then it shows the blue direction cone but it is always up as it defaults to Track Up with the map spinning. I much prefer in most cases North Up with an arrow showing which way I am facing and if I need to navigate to a point that it would show a line to point while staying in North Up mode.  

My associate is on a Google device and their location icon at least shows an arrow when they start moving on the main view but also locks into Track Up when using Compass to navigate.

To reiterate it would be nice to just show current heading at all times for orientation/navigation and allow the selection of North Up or Track Up.