Arcade Editor/Map Spec: Add Map Level User-Defined Functions

06-04-2022 02:55 PM
Occasional Contributor III

Add the ability to create User-Defined functions at the map level that can be called by any expression like Arcade's built-in functions. This will dramatically cleanup a lot of reused code from one field or layer to the next. Write it once, call it when it is needed.

What might be needed to make this happen.

  • A place in Field Maps to author these functions.  
  • A new section in the maps definition (JSON)... e.g. userDefinedFunctionInfos[]
  • Define function properties:
    • function name
    • function expression
    • function description (shown in the blue information symbol, so a user knows what the function does and what parameters it takes)
  • A new tab in the Arcade Editor "User-Defined Functions".
  • Validating that the name of the function does not conflict with the name of a built-in function or prefixing the name of the function with text that ensures it can never conflict with a built in function.
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This would be really useful to us. We have a bit of code that gets hyperlinks for as-builts from intersecting areas. Right now, we need to apply this code individually to each layer where we want to see those links. If I need to make a change, I need to change that in every layer to make sure things work properly.