Allow Screen Lock When Streaming Line Features

07-19-2021 06:59 AM
New Contributor III

When streaming line features in Field Maps, the screen is required to be on. Our business users often find that they need both hands free when navigating uneven terrain, such as following a line feature through snowpack or dense forest. 

The ability to lock the screen to prevent input when line streaming would prevent our users from losing data due to accidental touches from branches, raindrops and clothing. Avenza Maps has developed this feature, and users of that app within our business report that the feature is a boost to productivity. Furthermore, it would allow them to store the device in a pocket or back while streaming - an important safety improvement when working over rough ground.


Completely agree with this request. Avenza is the biggest "roadblock" when trying to get people to take up Field Maps - as they prefer Avenza for some of it's simplicity and basic features that Field Maps isn't as good at (i.e. working in rough terrain and needing hands free). 

I also think that having audible alerts for when streaming stops due to poor calculated accuracy, manual input etc, would be beneficial so that users know they need to check/wait whilst not looking at the device. 


@AndrewCroisier @LindsayRaabe_FPCWA just want to clarify that Field Maps does support streaming while the screen is off or when in the background.  This should allow the user to place the device in a pocket/backpack and continue to collect without risk of inadvertently tapping the screen.  Is this isn't consistent with what you're seeing I'd suggest reaching out to our support team to log an incident.

Status changed to: Needs Clarification

@DougMorgenthaler This is unfortunately part of me not getting out of the office enough - for some reason I completely forgot that this can already be done. I still stand by my comments regarding audible alerts though for when streaming stops due to poor accuracy, etc. 


@DougLee Thanks for reaching out - Is this functionality recorded in the documentation? This is added functionality that didn't exist in Collector, right?