Allow custom URL parameters to be used in arcade expressions

12-08-2023 04:00 AM
Status: Open
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Currently ArcGIS Field Maps can be opened using a set of pre-defined URL parameters (see

These are ok for some basic workflows, such as creating a specific feature in a predfined layer. However, we have customers in the utility sector (also applies to others too) that use work management apps (e.g. Salesforce, SAP etc) that would like to integrate with Field Maps using URL links in a more general way.

For example, one workflow might be to launch Field Maps at a specific work order location and then allow the user to collect multiple different features which are then all linked to that work order.

This type of workflow is currently very difficult to acheive in Field Maps with the available URL parameters and Arcade (e.g. the work order information must be passed in as attributes of a specific feature).

I would like to proposed that a customParameters parameter is added to the Field Maps URL schema. This could be a json string representing a dictionary of objects. For example:

{myParam1: "Some text", myParam2: 123}

These custom parameters could then be made available in Arcade through a function (e.g. GetCustomParameters) and therefore used within forms, field calculations, popups etc.

This would allow passing in generic custom parameters into Field Maps from other apps and use of them within Arcade, either for populating attributes (e.g. work order number etc) or in logic within forms (e.g. if job type is x then enable certain fields within a form).

Adding this functionality would improve and extend the integration possibilities for Field Maps and help customers acheive more advanced workflows in the field.