Add editAppVersion to $editcontext in the Form Calculation and Constraint Arcade Profiles

06-04-2022 12:49 PM
Occasional Contributor III

This is similar to $editcontext.editType.

Add editAppVersion property to the $editcontext property for the Form Calculation and Constraint Arcade Profiles (e.g. $editcontext.editAppVersion).  It would return values such as "22.0.0" or "2.24" or "10.1".   I could write it to an attribute in my schema to store this value or use it to inform other actions.

Generally, I might want to know in which app Version was used for the last edit (written to an attribute) or which app Version is being used for the current edit.

Having access to the app version may help develop around known bugs or limitations for users using multiple versions of an app without having to author multiple versions of a map.  It may also help with taking advantage of new capabilities that are not available in all versions being deployed by users... again without authoring a separate map.