Add a filter widget to ArcGIS Field Maps

03-03-2021 06:50 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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Add a configurable filter widget to ArcGIS Field Maps, much like the filter widget in Web AppBuilder. 

ArcGIS Field Maps is commonly used where users collect additional information on, or collect a related record against an existing feature. It would be really useful to be able to filter between different attributes on those layers, e.g. for priority points. Symbolising according to the feature works only when a few distinct attributes need highlighting. For anything more, different field maps need to be created with the different filters set as default. This can lead to having to manage, maintain and download multiple maps. If the user could filter on attributes of a layer from a single map this would be really useful. 


@Anonymous User  Please take into consideration that the filter functionality is also needed to filter attributes in a related table. In webapps with the table of contents widget this is possible and it would be very useful in Fieldmaps as well.  

Thanks in advance!




Any updates here? Our team is seriously considering migrating away from FM because it lacks this functionality.




@MatthewFogarty I'm right there with you.  The workaround I have to do to keep our data confidential (which is required by state law) was way too much work this year.  It is looking like next year will have more projects, and my workaround will not be useful at that point.  I'm going to start looking into different options next month.  I've been asking for this functionality for 2 years now.


@GayleNeufeld  - Yeah, creating an absurd amount of view layers is getting quite old + is not scalable - hoping ESRI addresses ASAP. Fingers crossed...


Yes, we need this one ASAP.

Build a POC for our nature reserve maintenance team. They are collecting lot's of work which results in a fully loaded map. It would be very helpful to be able to filter. Please do not forget the groupfilter to be able to filter on multiple layers!

by Anonymous User

@MatthewFogartythis is under consideration for our June/July update of Field Maps.


I was working on this problem recently, and tried using a View Layer so that field staff could just focus on new data, but it required re-configuring the new View Layer all over again (field order, groups, conditional expressions, etc.). 

An easy way for field staff to filter out data based on attributes would be much more useful!!


@Anonymous User I know this is under consideration for the June/July update, but I was hoping I could get a confirmation that this was really going to happen.  We are in the middle of a very busy field season, and it's been a nightmare trying to use the app without this functionality.  Next year will be busier for us, and using FM without being able to filter by attributes is not an option.  It's so bad this year that we will have to resort to going back to paper maps, or just skip mapping altogether, if I can't find an affordable alternative.   

by Anonymous User

@GayleNeufeldWe haven't planned our Q2 work yet but plan to within the next few weeks. If this gets approved we'll move it to "In Product Plan".

by Anonymous User

Yes it would be very helpful to be able to filter out data based on attributes, like you can in the dashboard. This was a request from my users using Field Maps. Thank you