View for Empty Selection when Connected Data is Query Output

11-03-2022 07:35 AM
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I have an experience builder page that is using a spatial query. A user can drop a pin on the map, hit apply and then query the grid cell their pin intersects. 

The output of that query is then used as the "Connect to Data" piece for my Text/List/etc.. widgets. 

However, I can't seem to find a place to set the view for the empty selection of the output of the query widget. I've set the view for the layer that the query widget is hitting, but that doesn't do anything. 

Is there anyway to set the empty selection view for the output of a query widget? 

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@CarmellaBurdi1 - Currently, we do not have that workflow. Before being executed, there is no output ds, so pre-configured fields could become invalid, depending on the runtime actions.

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Thanks @TonghuiMing - I appreciate the confirmation that this is not a current workflow. 

In case anyone else is dealing with this - I implemented a not-quite elegant workaround. The output of the query appears in a text box connected to the output data source. I have stacked two text boxes on top of each other in different views. The first shows an empty "report" aka text box with just the text and blanks for the field values. 

The second view is duplicated just with the output variables in {curly brackets}. 

This forces users to put a pin on the map to create their query output and then click a "View Summary" button to swap to a new view that then shows the variables. 

I don't love it as an option - but this an alpha tool and so we'll test it out and see how users respond.