filter widget -- a button of "select all" or "reset"

04-08-2022 03:08 AM
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In the filter widget , can I add a filter to "select all", and once it is applied, then the other filters will be automatically set as "unapplied" even there were set as applied.

Or, can I add a button to "reset" button to clear all applied filters? Many thanks


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Hi @skyharbor - there are a few requests from similar community posts and we are looking into the enhancement of 'reset' vs. 'clear': 

Telling from the description, I think your request of "select all" is not actually selecting all filters - which would probably not going to be supported since it can easily cause performance issues.


Thanks for bringing it up. Keep tuned.

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I very much look forward to this enhancement.


I support this idea because, in the example above, a user selects multiple filters to view a list of parks by the selected amenities. However, to reset or clear all filters the user has to deselect each selected one. A "Clear" or "All" button to deselect all filters so that all parks show up on the list again would be more intuitive and easier to use. 

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I updated ExBuilder to 1.9 and its have this button to unselect all. 

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