Text - dynamic content - Selected - How to change default?

01-19-2022 05:52 PM
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Hi ExB community,

I'm working with the text widget. I've applied dynamic content to it, so when the user selects a polygon, information about that polygon appears.

I notice when a polygon isn't selected, the expression shows, which I don't really want them to see.

Is there a way to change this?

I've made a quick video explaining what I mean.


I've had to grey out some areas due for privacy.

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One "workaround" is to enter the dynamic text as an expression (instead of Attribute) and give the expression a name like "No Data", or whatever you want to appear when there isn't a value.


Then, if there is no data in that field for the selected feature, it displays the Expression title, not the expression itself.

Didn't seem to work at first, but just re-tested and putting a space as the Expression name makes it "appear" to be empty when no data.


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Clever. That's a good one! Would be good though if this could get looked at in the future by the developers.

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this workaround was suggested by one of the developers on a separate post.  So, they are aware.



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This was useful, and helped me. It would be great to have a workaround or solution for the image widget as well. When nothing selected, it shows the no image data.

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Hello! I'm hoping you could tell me how you applied dynamic content to the text widget, so when the user selects a polygon from the map (in my case a state boundary), so information about that polygon appears.

Thank you so much!

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