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Experience Builder link to AGOL

07-31-2023 11:33 AM
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Why is there no easy link back to an organization's ArcGIS Online home page once you are in Experience Builder?  This is also an issue within Hub Site.  

These newer platform applications are encouraged to be used over previous platforms, yet navigating between them is cumbersome. 

Many users launch and create an application direct from existing content on ArcGIS Online.  A new browser opens when launching the application up by default, yet messages pop up indicating you should only work with one browser open with no easy link to get you back being provided.

Have, or will, options to improve this "experience" be provided?  Or, is the entire ArcGIS Online experience moving towards a more divided platform?

If it has been available and I have overlooked it, if someone would point me to the location, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hi @AmyFry 

I think your feedback on Experience Builder is really useful and I agree there should be a smoother interaction with the ArcGIS Online experience.

As far as I am aware, the way to and fro from Experience Builder to Online is a little cumbersome.

I would recommend posting your suggestions in ArcGIS Ideas to see if you can get traction from the community:

ArcGIS Experience Builder Ideas - Esri Community

~Just trying to fix things~
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This is a bug bear for me too....and is the same trying to go to Portal as well as AGOL.

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